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Stonehenge, July 7, 1996

Crop circles are a continuous source of fascination and mystery. The biggest question asked about them is, where do they come from? Who or what makes these incredible designs in grain fields all over the planet?

I addressed this question in detail in a previous article entitled What Causes Crop Circles? Check it out for some fascinating research into the origins of the phenomena.

I just read an interesting article posted January 13, 2011 at LacrosseTribune.com, entitled Retired agronomist suspects crop circles due to aliens or another dimension:

Some of the crop circles reported around the world obviously were made by pranksters, a retired University of Wisconsin-River Falls agronomy professor said Wednesday at the Midwest Farm Show at the La Crosse Center. But Lou Greub says aliens or another dimension seem to be the most likely explanation for others.  

I believe the majority of these formations are being created by extraterrestrial or interdimensional intelligences that are interested in the evolution of the human race. It’s been speculated that crop circles are geometric symbols and patterns that stimulate and activate dormant sections of human DNA when viewed, leading to the evolution of the species. See my short video called The New Human.

Barbury Bird, Wiltshire, England June 14, 2009

Barbury Bird, Wiltshire England, June 14, 2009

I love crop circles! The coolest thing about them is that every summer like clockwork approximately 100 new formations appear in grainfields in England, elsewhere in Europe, and sprinkled around the world. It’s so exciting to wait for the first crop circle of the year, which occurs sometime in April or May.

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