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Wiltshire, England, May 4, 2009

In discussions about the crop circle phenomenon, the question “Who makes them?” is central. Where do they come from? How do these designs get impressed into the crop fields? Are they being made by human beings? If not by human beings, then who or what is responsible? No one can answer these questions with certainty.

Over 3,000 documented crop circles have been reported worldwide since 1978. Pictures of these crop circles can be seen at the website cropcircleconnector.com. If you took the time to look at each one of these 3,000 pictures, chronologically, you’d see a breathtaking panorama of increasingly complex designs unfolding over time.

It’s hard to imagine that an individual or group of individuals are designing and executing these thousands of complex crop formations all over the earth, year after year, remaining anonymous in the process.

In 2009, there were 73 crop circles reported in England and 46 elsewhere in the world. These formations appeared in a six-month period, from April through September. You can see pictures of the 2009 crop circles at cropcircleconnector.com and temporarytemples.com. Look through these 119 pictures, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • If human beings made these 119 designs, who are these people?
  • Why would they do it?
  • Why would they remain anonymous?
  • Who funds their efforts?
  • How did they create these formations in the dark of night, on private farmland, sometimes in the pouring rain, without ever being caught in the act?
  • It’s been going on for decades. Are the same people doing it, year after year?

At right is a close-up of a circle called the “Basket” that appeared in Wiltshire England on July 7, 2009. This picture details the floor lay of the crop, showing how the plants were laid to create a giant circular woven mat design. Double-click on this picture to enlarge it; then look at the images of people at the lower left and upper right. This shows you the incredible detail in the pattern.

This crop circle was 100 feet in diameter. The entire circle had this woven pattern. Consider this: if made by human beings, how did they manage to weave the plants into this beautiful and precise pattern, in the dark of night, in just a few hours time?

On August 9, 2009, another crop circle in Wiltshire England contained extraordinary patterning in the way the plants were laid down. This formation at West Overton contained three flattened circles, see below, each of which had a different and unique design. Again I ask you to consider, what technology did human beings employ to create these effects, in the dark of night?

If you’d like to research this question further, I recommend you check out a document entitled “What Do Modern Crop Pictures Mean?” This thoroughly documented review of the crop circle phenomenon includes the following, click on the links for more information:

  • An overview of laboratory research on the plants found within crop circles, click here. Dr. William Levengood has found unusual effects on some of the plants studied, including bent nodes, blown nodes and expulsion cavities. His research shows these effects could not have been produced by any technology currently known to man. See the picture below from the article, photo credits to Janet Ossebaard.

  • One very large crop circle was photographed during its formation in 2007 in East Field, Wiltshire England, at 3:00 a.m., in the presence of multiple witnesses, click here for details.
  • Several people testified that the complex “Julia Set” formation which appeared at Stonehenge in 1996 appeared suddenly in broad daylight during a 30-minute period of time, click here for the story.

Some of the total number of crop circles are made by human beings. There have been “commissioned” circles, with corporate logo designs sculpted into crop fields. There have also been some instances of poorly designed “fake” or “hoaxed” crop circles.

Yet the majority of the thousands of crop circles that have appeared in fields of grain over the past several decades are of unexplained origin. Who made them? Who continues to make the new circles that are appearing, even this year?

As stated at the beginning of this article, it’s uncertain. Many people believe the circles are being made by extraterrestrial beings. Some believe it is the work of interdimensional intelligences. It’s even hypothesized that crop circles are being created from “Gaia,” the consciousness of the living Earth.

One investigator of the crop circle phenomenon said, “Some conscious and benign force is attempting to communicate something of consequence to us through these amazing formations—if only we could learn its language.”

Another researcher said, “We are in touch with something other than ourselves – a culture that might have wonderful things to teach us, wonderful stories to exchange.”

Who or what makes the crop circles? I don’t know. In my opinion, the mystery is what makes this whole thing so exciting!

2 Responses to “What Causes Crop Circles?”

  1. Dean says:

    After studying the photographs of cropcircles, I discoverd that they appear to be negatives, such that they are the “negative” of the object they want to show, just like a typical 35mm negative.
    What I did was use my little picture program “INFRANVIEW”
    and simply clicked on “negative” under the “image” tab in the toolbar. I did this to all the photos of cropcircles I have. Some are better than others, but what happens is amazing, it becomes a totaly different object and most of them actually appear to be
    raised up off the ground and hoovering in the air above the field, and also the crop lay pattern gives very much 3-d image due to the shadowing, and a strong light source is also visible.

    Great website!

  2. Thanks for the tip, I downloaded the picture program you mentioned and will play with it!

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